Process Development and Downstream Production

This 2,700 square foot suite enables our downstream purification process development and manufacturing activities (see this lab's equipment listed in the yellow side bar).  The processes supported in this area include clarification, normal flow filtration, tangential flow filtration and chromatography methods from benchtop to pilot scale production appropriate for pre-clinical to Phase I.  Additionally, early formulation studies can be conducted as well as liquid vial filling from a few hundred to several thousand vials.  Early stage lyophilization studies can also be conducted in this suite.

Equipment List

  • GE ÄKTA Pilot chromatography system
  • GE ÄKTA Avant 25 chromatography system
  • GE AxiChrom™ and BPG column housings
  • Spectrum Labs KrosFlo® Research IIi TFF systems
  • Spectrum Labs MiniKros Pilot TFF system
  • Millipore Pellicon® TFF cassette and mini cassette assemblies
  • Watson Marlow 720UN (66 LPM) peristaltic pump
  • Millipore Millistak+® Pod depth filter holder
  • Millipore Integritest® 4 filter integrity tester
  • Hyclone™ SU process liquid mixer and containers (50, 100, 200L)
  • Mettler Toledo PUA579 1000 lb. floor scale with ramp
  • Labconco Freeze Zone 2.5L lyophilizer
  • M&O Perry Industries P-1540 vial filler