Cell Culture Lab

This 600 square foot suite houses equipment and supplies to support aseptic handling of cell culture operations associated with cell line selection, maintenance, and scale-up activities (see this lab's equipment listed in the yellow side bar).  Some of the processes performed in this lab include cell freeze/thaw, cryopreservation, cell banking, cell expansion and seed train propagation.

Equipment List

  • Labconco Class II, Type A2 biosafety cabinets
  • New Brunswick Galaxy® 170S CO2 incubators
  • Cell Culture Company Multi6™ and Primer™ perfusion bioreactors
  • Nova Biomedical BioProfile® 400 chemistry analyzer
  • Thermo Fisher CryoExtra™ 20 LN₂ storage vessel
  • Thermo Fisher Neon® transfection system
  • Eppendorf 5810R centrifuges
  • Bio-Rad TC20™ automated cell counters
  • Olympus IX53 inverted fluorescence microscope with camera
  • Carl Zeiss Primovert inverted microscopes
  • Leica DM750 upright microscopes