Process Development and Upstream Production

This 2,000 square foot cGMP BSL2 suite is subdivided to accommodate to multiplatform processes from bacteria (E. coli, etc.) to various mammalian cell (CHO, VERO, BHK, etc.) expression systems.  Activities in this suite include upstream process development and manufacturing up to pre-clinical and Phase I scale.  We have bioreactors from 1L to 100L working volumes, including single use, stainless steel, and wave-type systems that will also accommodate perfusion (see this lab's equipment listed in the yellow side bar).

Equipment List

  • New Brunswick BioFlo® 610 Stainless steel 125L bioreactor
  • New Brunswick BioFlo® 310 fermentors with 5 and 14L vessels
  • Sartorius BIOSTAT® Cultibag rocking bioreactor with RM 20 and RM50 platforms
  • Sartorius BIOSTAT® B Plus 10L bioreactor
  • Cell Culture Company AutovaxID® perfusion bioreactors
  • Sanimatic UltraFlo 45 CIP skid
  • Microfluidics M-110P homogenizer
  • CEPA® Z41 tubular bowl continuous centrifuge
  • Beckman Coulter Avanti high speed floor centrifuges
  • YSI 2900D biochemistry analyzer
  • Sartorius BioSealer® and BioWelder®