BioFORCE Summer Academies

BioFORCE is a residential STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) summer program of the National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing that exposes high school students to the amazing process of how cutting-edge research and medical discoveries become new drugs and pharmaceutical treatments.  BioFORCE prepares students for college programs in engineering and science and helps them discover their potential to become a scientist who creates a blockbuster, life-saving medicine or an engineer who manufacturers disease-eradicating vaccines!  

BioFORCE I: Today's Medicine  ♦♦♦  Examine the drug development cycle and pharmaceutical production process, tour facilities that do cutting-edge medical research and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and perform a series of hands-on labs in bacterial transformation, production and purification.   

BioFORCE II: Tomorrow's Medicine  ♦♦♦  Learn about advances in regenerative and personalized medicines and stem cell therapies, tour pharmaceutical companies and Texas A&M research labs, and perform a series of hands-on labs in antibody-based protein analysis.   

BioFORCE III: My Role in the Future of Medicine  ♦♦♦  Identify educational pathways to a career in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, meet with university admissions advisors, and perform a series of hands-on labs in cell culturing, plasmid isolation and quantification, and environmental monitoring.